Formation Training: Our Vision

We here at Formation Training have an eccentric and expansive vision which we aim to exemplify on a day to day basis. This vision can only be epitomized by the key principles of which the foundation of Formation Training was built upon. These principles were established at the beginning of Formation Training by a group of highly experienced individuals who have a rich and diverse background in training and education

Every choice and decision made by Formation is informed by these principles. We believe that only through consistency and regularity are you able to build and complete grand visions. Our principles are our tools, the tools we used to construct and illustrate our ambitions.

The Formation Principles:

  • Driven by Intellect
  • A Passion for Success
  • Innovative training Approaches
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Developing People

These principles form our long term vision which can only be encompassed by our maxim: ‘helping people to evolve and prosper’.

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