About us

Formation Training is an emerging Registered Training Organisation located in Queensland. Our primary objective is to continually be a leader in the delivery of innovative and high-quality training in Australia.

Through our delivery of training and education we aim to assist the thousands of aspiring working age people of Queensland and Australia to achieve their ambitions in life and to become better versions of themselves. To evolve and prosper..

What do we offer?

Formation Training offers various Certificate level training and education in Business, Processing and Manufacturing and Security Operations with a continually growing scope in offered courses. The qualifications we offer are specifically chosen to be of those which give you the training and education background needed for real job outcomes and career progression.

Our Pledge

To equip you with the skills and knowledge responsive to industry and learner needs.

Compliance Information

Credit Agreements Register

Formation Training does not currently have any fixed credit agreements in place for any other institution.

Third Party Agents and Partners

Formation Training may access the services of Third party agents or partners from time to time in delivery of high quality course services. Wherever third parties support services delivery, Formation Training remains responsible for the quality of training and assessment provided and for the issuing of all qualifications and statements of attainment.

Formation Training Testamur Fraud Prevention

Formation Training has implemented a number of fraud prevention strategies on all student testamur documentation. This includes use of individualised document numbers and watermarks on all documentation.

Parties wishing to verify Formation Training testamur documentation should contact our team on 1300 889 134.