FBP30117 Certificate III in Food Processing

FBP30117 Certificate III in Food Processing

FBP30117 Certificate III in Food Processing, this qualification covers a range of food processing industries, such as:

  • Grain processing (including stock feed, animal feeds, milling wheat, barley, oats and flour milling)
  • Beverages (including juices, soft drinks, cordials, aerated and still waters, energy drinks and other modified beverages such as vitamin and antioxidant beverages, coffee, tea and ice)
  • Confectionery
  • Dairy processing
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Grocery products and supplies (including honey, jams, spreads, sauces, dressings, condiments, spices, edible oils and fats and pasta)
  • Poultry
Potential Careers

After completing this course you can pursue a career as a:

  • Advanced Packaging Operator (Food Processing)
  • Advanced Production Operator (Food Processing)
  • Food Processing Operator (Grain)
  • Food Processing Technician (Poultry)

Entry Requirements

There are no designated entry requirements for this course.

However preferred pathways into the qualification for candidates considering this qualification include:

      • FBP20117 Certificate II in Food Processing
      • Direct entry
      • Relevant vocational training and/or work experience

Admission Requirements

Student must:

  • Be at least 15 years of age;
  • Have completed Year 10 in the Australian school system or equivalent; and
  • Have language, literacy and numeracy skills equivalent to ACSF Level 2.


Course Structure

The FBP30117 Certificate III in Food Processing requires completion of seventeen (17) units made up of: five (5) core units; and twelve (12) elective units. Total units must include a minimum of ten (10) units coded FDF.

Unit Code Unit Title Unit Type
FDFFS2001A Implement the food safety program and procedures Core
FDFFS3001A Monitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs Core
FDFOHS3001A Contribute to OHS processes Core
FDFOP2064A Provide and apply workplace information Core
MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Core
FDFOH2001A Participate in OHS processes Elective (Group C)
FDFOP3002A Set up a production or packaging line for operation Elective (Group B)
FDFOP3004A Operate interrelated processes in a packaging system Elective (Group A)
FDFOP2061A Use numerical applications in the workplace Elective (Group B)
FBPPPL3002 Establish compliance requirements for work area Elective (Group B)
FBPPPL3001 Support and mentor individuals and groups Elective (Group B)
FDFPPL3004A Lead work teams and groups Elective (Group B)
FDFPPL3001A Participate in improvement processes Elective (Group B)
FDFPPL3002A Report on workplace performance Elective (Group B)
TLIA3019 Organise receival operations Elective (Group B)
TLIA3018 Organise despatch operations Elective (Group B)
TLIA2014 Use product knowledge to complete work operations Elective

The elective selection for each course program must include:

  • One (1) Group A unit; and
  • Six (6) Group B units.

The five (5) remaining elective units may be selected from:

  • Group A;
  • Group B;
  • Three (3) Group C units;
  • Units packaged in Group A in the Certificate II in Food Processing;
  • Three (3) units packaged in the Certificate IV in Food Processing; or
  • Three (3) units from any nationally endorsed Training Package or accredited course that are packaged in Certificate I (1 unit), Certificate II (2 units) or Certificate III (3 units).

Elective units selected provide a vocational focus for the qualification and are relevant to the qualification level, job role, work outcomes and local industry needs.

The course unit selection represents a reduced suite of elective unit options that have been selected and approved for delivery by Formation Training – this may not include the full elective unit suite of options available under the national qualification packaging rules.


It is anticipated that a person entering this program without any previous work experience
would take:

  • 10 weeks full time theory and practical

Before being assessed as competent.


Please Contact Formation Training’s Administration Officer for Course Cost Detail:

Phone: 1300 889 134


Funding for this qualification is available for eligible students through the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program, a subsidised training program offered by the QLD Government.

Please click here for more information on eligibility.

Related Occupations

The following occupations relate to this qualification.

  • Food And Drink Factory Workers Nec (ANZSCO code: 831199)
    Further information about this occupation can be obtained from Job Outlook
cert 3 business

Labour market information provided by the Department of Employment.

Occupation Description
Advanced Food and Drink Packaging Operator Advanced Food and Drink Packaging Operators are responsible for controlling a range of factory packaging operations such as high-speed wrapping, case packing, and packaging lines. They may also supervise or mentor less experienced workers.
Advanced Food and Drink Production Operator Advanced Food and Drink Production Operators oversee the operation of machinery in a factory that makes or processes a range of foods or drinks.

Source: myskills