Why you should consider obtaining a Certificate III in Business Administration

A Certificate III in Business Administration can set you off on a number of career options. It’s highly versatile, which increases your chances of gaining employment.

From general office administration to accounting and finance, you’ll gain the required skills and knowledge to ensure the company functions effectively. But more importantly, it is the platform you need if you aspire to advance further into the world of business.

In today’s work environment, knowledge of how business is done is critical. Almost everyone in a company is required to partake in some form of business activity, regardless of their professional position in it. For example, whether you are the technician or warehouse manager, knowledge and skill in customer care or people management are essential. Or, if you look after contracts, a good grasp of accounting is handy in determining the contract’s value.

If you’re still mulling over pursuing a certificate in business administration, read on. We highlight 5 reasons you should pursue it. It’ll be followed by a discussion on the different career pathways available for you.

1. A wider set of career choices

As mentioned, business administration is a highly versatile discipline. Whichever area you choose to specialise in, there is a job waiting for you. While it can be competitive, every company needs to have a business function performed. Regardless of industry, there’s always an accounting, human resource or customer care position to be filled.

2. Sharpen your interpersonal skills

As long as you work, you’ll be interacting with someone or groups of people. And sometimes, you’ll be required to interact with them in the least desirable circumstances, for example, managing a complaint. Most programs in business administration will have a module in interpersonal skills.

3. Be an effective team player

Collaboration is a big thing in the world of business. Being able to collaborate with others in the organisation is important, especially with the rise of cross-pollination of skills, experience and expertise in idea development. When you pursue a certificate in business administration, one of the skills and knowledge imparted is learning to work as a team. This is an important pre-requisite for effective collaboration at the workplace.

4. Creativity

Innovation is the lifeline of every business. Given the state of technology at our disposal today, obsolescence occurs very rapidly. The status quo kills businesses fast. Pursuing a certificate in business administration grows your awareness of the role creativity plays in the future of a business. You’ll learn that regardless of the specific role you have in the business, creativity is a central theme.

5. Be customer-centric

The customer is always right. This is reinforced in any study program associated with the business. After all, the customer is the ultimate paymaster. Being customer-centric puts you in good stead to understand their needs and over-deliver. It’s the competitive edge businesses are constantly striving for.

So, what are some of the career options available with a certificate in business administration?

  1. Bookkeeper: Ensuring proper records are kept of money going in and out of the business as well as compliance
  2. Accounts Officer: Overseeing accounts payable and receivable functions as well as providing assistance to the Accountant or CFO
  3. Human Resource Clerk: Ensuring the human resource management policies are implemented, for example, leave, superannuation and employee records
  4. Payroll Officer: Process payroll and superannuation
  5. Personal Assistant: Perform clerical and secretarial functions for senior management executives
  6. Administration Officer: Overseeing the general administration activities of the company, for example, fielding enquiries, maintain databases and assisting others in the company

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