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MSM30116 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing

MSM30116 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing

Certificate III in Process Manufacturing, this qualification  provides the competencies required by advanced production workers who use a range of equipment and provide support functions directly related to producing products. They would undertake more advanced roles than workers with a Certificate II in Process Manufacturing, working in accordance with operating procedures and applying knowledge to anticipate problems and solve a range of foreseen and unforeseen problems.

Potential Careers

After completing this course you can pursue a career as a:

  • Manufacturing Process Operator
  • Process Support Operator

Entry Requirements

There are no designated entry requirements for this course.

Course Structure

To successfully complete this qualification, you require 21 units of competence. These 21 units are comprised of core units which are compulsory and 17 elective units.

The units of competence shown below have been selected by Formation Training based on the course purpose.

Unit Code Unit Title
MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
MSS402051A Apply quality standards
MSAPMOHS200A Work safely
MSAPMSUP210A Process and record information
MEM15003B Use improvement processes in team activities
MEM15004B Perform inspection
MEM16006A Organise and communicate information
MSAPMOHS100A Follow OHS procedures
MSAPMOHS110A Follow emergency response procedures
MSAPMOHS300A Facilitate the implementation of OHS for a work group
MSAPMOPS101A Make measurements
MSAPMOPS102A Perform tasks to support production
MSAPMOPS200A Operate equipment
MSAPMSUP100A Apply workplace procedures
MSAPMSUP101A Clean workplace or equipment
MSAPMSUP291A Participate in continuous improvement
MSAPMSUP303A Identify equipment faults
MSAPMSUP382A Provide coaching – mentoring in the workplace
MSAPMSUP383A Facilitate a team
MSS402040A Apply 5S procedures
PMBHAN103C Shift materials safely by hand


Elective units selected provide a vocational focus for the qualification and are relevant to the qualification level, job role, work outcomes and local industry needs.

The course unit selection represents a reduced suite of elective unit options that have been selected and approved for delivery by Formation Training – this may not include the full elective unit suite of options available under the national qualification packaging rules.


It is anticipated that a person entering this program without any previous work experience would take:

  • 3 weeks full time theory, and
  • up to 18 months work experience

Before being assessed as competent.


Course tuition and related fees may vary depending on unit selections and individual student preferences.

Please Contact Formation Training’s Administration Officer for Course Cost Detail:

Phone: 1300 889 134



Related Occupations

The following occupations relate to this qualification.

Occupation Description
Manufacturing Process Operator
Manufacturing Process Operators ensure processes in the manufacturing industry are sustained. They apply competitive manufacturing practices, such as just-in-time (JIT) systems and six sigma techniques, to process operations.
Process Support Operator Process Support Operators transfer materials, organise logistics and materials, or lead emergency teams in the chemical and refining industry.

Source: myskills